Feb 5, 2024

Release: Gravity

Packed with new features and quality-of-life upgrades.

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Release: Gravity

We're excited to invite you to play our newest release, Gravity!

Check out our docs site for tutorials, API documentation, and more.

Packed with new features and quality-of-life upgrades:

  • Packed with new features and quality-of-life upgrades:
  • Scripting: Full in-app descriptions for all functionality, shown on hover
  • Scripting: Simpler solution for player killed and spawned
  • Scripting: Match blocks for whether match is running, termination, settings. etc.
  • Scripting: Friendly fire enum in match settings
  • Scripting: Blocks to show/hide scoreboard
  • Scripting: Block to set scoreboard title
  • Scripting: Get player on team
  • Scripting: Avatar switching
  • Scripting: Get Player Inventory
  • Scripting: Get Players in range
  • Scripting: String Case Insensitive Equals
  • Scripting: Shuffle and Pick Random
  • Docs: Check them out if you haven't already for tutorials, API documentation, and more
  • Physics: Interpolation
  • Space ratings: Hidden if space hasn't been rated
  • Scripting: Allow disable teams/scoreboard
  • UI sounds: More added for gizmo selection, object placement, tab select, and more
  • Tutorial images: Updated
  • Graphics: Polished all around

Bug fixes:

  • Server join: Completely overhauled. Fixed issues with getting kicked and drastically reduced join time
  • Physics: Numerous fixes (hence, "Gravity" :) )
  • Scripting: Process yellow highlight fixes
  • Scripting: Prevent pasting entry blocks
  • Scripting: Nested paths fixes
  • Scripting: Selection/equipables fixes
  • Variables: Permissions fixes, reconnection logic, UI
  • Play servers: Fix spawn issues
  • Forgot password: Fixed
  • Player teleport rotation: Fixed
  • VR: General fixes and sitting fixes
  • Graphics: Fixed shadow cast
  • Signals: Fixed race condition when registering
  • Scripting: Focus search bar when creating a script
  • Scripting: Clear Equipables actually clears the equipable
  • Shooting: Fix push trigger bodies when firing guns at them
  • Print/notifications: Cleaned up
  • Third-person camera and collisions fixes
  • Seat subnodes: Fixed an issue with being unable to interact
  • Primitive models: Fix importing and editing

and much more to come!