Power to the Builders.

The Mirror is an all-in-one game development platform, designed to empower developers and 3D creators with limitless experiences & creativity.

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A next-gen game development platform can only be created with a state-of-the-art engine.
We're proud to build on open-source Godot.

Built for:

A real-time, collaborative platform.

Powered by the Godot engine, The Mirror is a multiplayer all-in-one development platform allowing creators of any skill level to create one-of-a-kind experiences and games.

Out-of-the Box Features

Co-Build with Friends

Build and create games and assets side-by-side with a friend or colleague in your 3D world.

Out-of-the-Box Multiplayer

Built-in multiplayer networking to scale games from 10 people to ultimately thousands in the same space.

Physics Sandbox

Control everything within the space from gravity, collisions, and physics.

Built for All Skill Levels

Designed for no-code, low-code and experienced developers. All are able to build and enjoy the platform.

Import Your Own 3D Models

Experience your 3D models and artwork at an entirely new level in a world built by you.

Buy & Sell Goods

Complete with 3D and game asset marketplace to buy and sell goods.

Creator Asset Store

Buy and sell 3D assets, characters, scripts, upgrades, and more.


The Mirror is your platform to make a living off your passion of game development and 3D modeling.

Interoperable Assets

Enjoy your assets across all your Mirror games and experiences inside one platform.

Showcase Your Work

Build an audience and reach new builders, artists and game developers.

Meet our Team

A technical, product-focused powerhouse.

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Our Investors

We're supported by the most cutting-edge and ambitious technology investors in the world.

Currently in Invite-Only Alpha 

Our team is focused on building and shipping an all-in-one game development platform. We believe in community engagement and support: we would love to chat with you on Reddit!

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