The Ultimate Sandbox

The Mirror is a next-gen game development platform designed to empower developers and artists with real-time, limitless creativity.

One App to Build & Play in Real-Time

Everything in The Mirror is in real time via one app to build and play. Similar to live document collaboration, building in The Mirror is simultaneous, empowering you to build in the most fun and efficient way possible: real-time with friends, users, and colleagues.

Out-of-the Box Features

Real-Time Co-Building

Iterate on your game's features quickly by building in real-time with your users, friends, and colleagues. What you see is what you get.

Everything is Multiplayer

Multiplayer networking is hard: The Mirror gives you no-code networking out-of-the-box to power its real-time features.

Physics Sandbox

Control everything from gravity, collisions, and physics, joints, ragdolls, and destruction, automatically networked.
*Some physics features are a work in progress.

All Skill Levels

New to coding? No problem! The Mirror is designed for no-code, low-code, and experienced developers. Anyone can build with ease.

Import from Godot & 3D Modeling Tools

Import from Godot (GLB), Blender, or any other tool you wish to build the world of your dreams.

Monetize with RevShare

As an artist, upload your assets, mark them as RevShare, and earn money from developers using your assets.
*RevShare is a work in progress.

Creator Marketplace

Easily monetize your games, 3D models, audio assets, and more with your choice of RevShare or one-time purchases.


Earn money simply by making assets available for RevShare. The assets stay within The Mirror's ecosystem.


Any asset made in a Mirror Space can be ported to any other Space and any Godot GLB export will bring in valid nodes.

Showcase Your Work

Build an audience and reach new builders, artists and game developers.

Powered by

A next-gen game development platform can only be created with a state-of-the-art engine.
We're proud to build on open-source Godot.

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