Freedom to Own

The Mirror is the open-source Roblox & UEFN alternative
built on Godot and NestJS, allowing you to own everything
- unlike Roblox, Unreal/Fortnite, and Unity.

(Real) Real-Time Game Development

Everything in The Mirror is in real time, similar to live collaboration with Figma and Google docs.

No waiting for long build times: See changes instantly with friends and colleagues.

Check out our recent co-building session with Code With Tom!

All-in-One Game Development

The Mirror provides everything you need out-of-the-box without writing a single line of code.

The Editor &
The Game, Combined

Creates like an engine, plays like a game: The most fun way to build.

All-in-one: One app to build & play
Real-time everything: The most fun and easiest way to build
Instant game previews: No waiting for long build times
Integrated asset marketplace
First-person, third-person, & VR player controllers
3D pains done for you out-of-the-box
Launch your game in The Mirror or on third-party stores like Steam

Built on Godot

Our long-term aim is for bidirectionality with Godot: Start in The Mirror and end in Godot, or start in Godot and end in The Mirror.

Analogy: If Godot is Photoshop, The Mirror is Canva
GDScript in-world in real-time
Real-time shader editing (future)
No-code visual scripting
Import valid nodes from Godot
Godot plugin for real-time editing (future)
The Mirror contributes back to Godot

Discover &
Be Discovered

Marketing your game can be as taxing as creating it. Mirror Spaces are automatically discoverable to each other by connecting to our deployed srvers.

Get discovered in The Mirror's marketplace
Publish in The Mirror or anywhere else: Steam, Epic Games, Itch, and more.
Connect to our deployed web server by default for ease
Or, self-host your own web server
Run Mirror Spaces locally or hosted: We'll manage hosting for you


Permissively MIT-licensed so you can own your games without worrying about the rug getting pulled out from under you.

Be a part of the open-source gaming movement
Modify the platform as you please
Containerized for easy development
Self-host your own servers
Avoid vendor lock-in


Instead of having to launch a full game to make money, sell your creations in The Mirror's marketplace.

Exhibit assets in a Mirror Space: Allow customers to experience before they buy
10% marketplace fee - lower than many
In-game transactions (future)
Sell 3D models, sounds, scripts, and more.
Premium content to be announced
Get discovered easily

Full-Stack Web Server

Game development is hard enough, not to mention needing web server functionality. The Mirror provides full web server out-of-the-box.

Cutting-edge NestJS framework on Typescript
HTTP REST API with OpenAPI Swagger
Websockets for faster communication
Open-source MongoDB database with Mongoose
Pubsub with Redis
Authentication via Firebase or your own system
Netsync module
AAA physics with Jolt

Out-of-the Box Everything

Real-Time Co-Building

Iterate on your game's features quickly by building in real-time with your users, friends, and colleagues. What you see is what you get.

Multiplayer by Default

Multiplayer networking is hard: The Mirror gives you no-code networking out-of-the-box.

Physics Sandbox

Control everything from gravity, collisions, and physics, joints, ragdolls, and destruction, automatically networked.
*Some physics features are a work in progress.

All Skill Levels

New to coding? No problem! The Mirror is designed for no-code, low-code, and experienced developers. Anyone can build with ease.

Import from Godot & 3D Modeling Tools

Import from Godot (GLB), Blender, or any other tool you wish to build the world of your dreams.

Monetize on the Marketplace

Sell your 3D models, scripts, and and even Godot components. Monetize anything without needing to create a full game.

Coming Soon: Marketplace

Easily monetize assets, from 3D models to audio to scripts and more.

Experience Assets

Driving a car is better than seeing a car: Incorporate assets into Mirror Spaces for players to experience.


Any asset made in a Mirror Space can be ported to any other Space. Any Godot GLB export will bring in valid nodes. Long-term, we plan for bidirectionality with Godot.

Showcase Your Work

Build an audience and reach new builders, artists, and game developers.

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We're excited to advance the mission of freedom to own by building on the #1 open-source game engine.



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