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The next frontier is here. Social media was 2010.

1 in 2 of your brand's customers plays a game or online experience every day.  What is your brand doing to connect with them?


Gamers in the US across mobile and desktop. Source.


We build, so you don't have to.

Game & Experience Development

Don't want to become a game studio? The Mirror Studio Team has you covered. We turn your vision into reality.

VR Compatible Experiences

Looking for VR? The Mirror is compatible with most VR headsets. Our team can assist in your entire VR world development.

Co-Branded Experiences

In the gaming world, anything is possible: build a co-branded experience. Nike vs. Adidas or Pepsi vs. Coke?

Brand Feature Education

Trying to educate your audience on a new product or feature? "Show" instead of "tell": let your audience explore a gamified version of your brand education goal.

Digital Twins

Bring your products and models to life in a virtual world or game. You already designed the 3d models, our team can make that asset game ready!

Custom Solutions

Have an idea? Our team of game and web developers can work with you to build a solution that fits your vision and goals.


Innovate your customer experience.

The Mirror enables companies to incorporate their brand messaging and products into fun and interactive digital experiences to connect with consumers and build brand loyalty.

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Adopt early, not late.

Stay ahead of your competition. Mirror Studios builds solutions that allows your company or brand the ability to tap into new demographics and marketing opportunities - before your competition.

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Connect with Mirror Studios and find out how we can help scale a digital experience for your company.

The web is still largely in 2D: we’d love to help you add a new gamified dimension and take your strategy across the new frontier.

Jared McCluskey, Founder & CEO

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