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Gamified experiences, faster & cheaper.

Own the full IP - unlike Roblox, Unity, and Unreal.

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Go beyond with gamification.

Gamification is the peak form of attention: take engagement to the next level.


gamers in the world

As a healthcare technology company, we know medicine and healthcare, not gaming. The Mirror helped us build our custom private metaverse in less time and with less cost than we imagined.

Alex Hochberger, CEO

Use cases

We build - so you don't have to.

Training & Education

Training can be a bore. Make it into a game for higher knowledge retention and engagement!

Virtual Reality & Spatial Computing

Bring your immersive experience to life! The Mirror is compatible with most VR headsets.


Engage potential customers, grow word-of-mouth, and showcase products in 3D virtual worlds.


Games demand attention: Capture customers with the peak form of engagement.

Digital Twins

Drive the car in a 3D world: "Show" instead of "tell" your customers about your products.

Full Ownership of IP

With The Mirror, you own the full underlying code, including the engine - unlike Roblox, Unity, and Unreal.

Intellectual Property

You own it.

The full IP is yours because The Mirror is built on open-source - unlike closed-source engines and platforms.

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Rapid development, lower cost

Buy instead of build: deliver an experience 4x cheaper at 2x the speed.

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Connect with our founder about how we can build a digital experience for your company.

Gaming is the frontier of digital experiences: Let's take your company to the forefront.

Jared McCluskey, Founder/CEO/CTO

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